Kiya Krier

Let’s get one thing straight: I despise running. As the blog name suggests, running gives me blisters, shin splints, dark, desperate thoughts and side aches. I’m not an expert in  exercise or nutrition, but I play one in the blogosphere I’m becoming an expert of my body. I try new things, read and ponder; I don’t follow the crowd.


Often, “health” advice in our Western culture simply reinforces stereotypes and supports outdated research and ideas about fitness and nutrition. Seems that many fitness magazines exist  to sell products and make us readers feel inferior because we don’t have Photoshopped 6-packs and flawless workout hair. Seriously, who completes 3 sets of 50 weighted squats without bulging facial veins and a bright red mug?

I’m choosing to blaze my own health trail and find a balance that works for me. I embarked on a freelance fitness journey of thinking outside the gym. My choices may not fit you perfectly, but they present an alternative to the usual idiotic vacuous articles that take us to the same dead-end places over and over.

Hopefully my experiences inspire you to be a badass follow through with your own experimentation and keep building an amazing life.



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4 Comments on “Kiya Krier”

  1. Great blog. I’ve written a blog within my company for years, but just took it outside of the firewall (, and I appreciate your comment on my recent post. Your approach to life, fitness, etc., looks similar to mine, so I’ll be sure to follow Runs With Blisters! Not sure if you’ve ever taken on a Tough Mudder (, but I’ve run a few and they would definitely live up to your need to challenge yourself, get blisters, and accomplish something. Stay sore!

    • Haha! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve heard of Tough Mudder and would LOVE to do one sometime. It looks like a major challenge that comes with well-earned bragging rights. Congrats on running more than one!

      I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts. Small steps are definitely the way to accomplish big, lasting goals.

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