#ColoradoLovesYoga Instagram Challenge


My Instagram world is exploding in insanity!

Instagram—the social media platform based around photos—supports a substantial yoga community, and many people enjoy participating in challenges. Most challenges consist of the host or hosts assigning a pose every day for a specified period of time. For many, these challenges motivate them to practice daily, inspire them to try new styles or poses, and stir them to lust over possibly winning some amazing prizes. In the past, Instagram yoga challenges have changed the way I approach and practice yoga. One challenge eventually inspired my Hanstand365 journey.

I can hardly contain my excitement to announce that I am co-hosting my first Instagram yoga challenge, #ColoradoLovesYoga, beginning October 22nd!

Do you love yoga? Do you love Colorado? Join Colorado-based yogi HOSTS @runswithblisters THAT’S ME, @yogi_b_tattoo, @alexandracarone, @thesingingyogini and @yoginicolorado and SPONSORS @kindnessyoga, @c_ravel, @beautifulcommotionjewelry and CorePower Yoga in Parker, CO for a 10 day challenge focused on uniting and celebrating the Colorado yoga community and sharing our love for the outdoors!

POSTS will happen the night before each challenge day beginning OCTOBER 22! This challenge truly welcomes all levels. Each day, check out:

@runswithblisters: beginner hey, that’s me again!
@yogi_b_tattoo: modified
@alexandracarone: intermediate
@thesingingyogini: advanced
@yoginicolorado: crazy variation aka are you even a real person? How does your body do that?





  1. Repost the challenge collage to your page- tag all the hosts, sponsors and your friends.
  2. Follow hosts and sponsors @kindnessyoga, @c_ravel, @beautifulcommotionjewelry.
  3. Post and hashtag photos daily with #ColoradoLovesYoga. (OUTDOOR photos celebrating Colorado for bonus points!)
  4. Feel free to catch up or join late. All posts must be submitted by November 5thfor prize consideration.
  5. Post your best attempt or whatever variation/flow speaks to you. This challenge is NOT a competition, it’s about bringing together and connecting the Colorado IG yoga community.
  6. If you aren’t currently living in Colorado, that’s ok. Feel free to join in, but the prizes will be limited to Colorado based participants.
  7. Be Awesome. But you’ve already got that under control.


If you have an Instagram account, join in the fun. Even if you choose not to participate every day, challenges present an opportunity to try new ideas, meet new people from the safety of your screen, and take more selfies. Everyone needs more selfies, right?


Please comment: Even if you don’t participate in Instagram, do you find that joining a community challenge helps you meet fitness or personal goals? Share your experiences about how a community or group of people have helped you grow.

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