Handstand 365



Since writing my post about how to live “real” life like a vacation, I have focused on incorporating those guidelines into my everyday life. In a desperate attempt to incorporate multiple rules into one goal, I recently committed to 365 days of handstands. Daily handstands fulfill the following guidelines: #2 Do things you like, #5 Live gratefully in the moment, and sometimes #4 Get outside. 3 out of 6, I win!

Not to mention, what better way to improve on a random and barely useful skill than to make a public promise on my blog and Instagram to practice it every day for one year? Seems logical.

Until recently, I didn’t consider handstanding a skill I would ever master. Only gymnasts, acrobats and yogis with no life outside yoga could handstand. @beachyogagirl’s (Kerri Verna) handstand challenge on Instagram in May changed my mind. She wrote that anyone could practice handstanding and learn it like any other skill. Somewhere in the drills that month, I started to believe her.

Of course, in typical Kiya form, I stopped practicing immediately practiced less frequently  after the challenge ended. I see people on Instagram who have continued to handstand and have noticed an alarming correlation between time spent practicing and ability level. Damn.

Why Handstand 365? Because it’s different. Not everyone can hold a handstand. I would love to conquer a skill I once considered impossible. My minimum obligation only consists of kicking into multiple handstands each day, so even my lazy self has no excuse not to practice it does not require much time commitment daily. Yet, consistently practicing a small amount will likely result in improvement over time.

If you would like to follow my handstand 365 journey, I post my daily handstand drill on Instagram under my handle, @runswithblisters. I use the general hashtag #handstand365 and my personal hashtag #kiyastandsonhands. If you use Instagram and want to join in the handstand madness, tag @runswithblisters in your posts so I can follow your progress!

Please tell me, do you have a long-term goal you are working towards? How do you stay motivated daily? How are you finding ways to live your life like a vacation? Have you ever conquered a skill or situation that seemed impossible at the time? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


Day 16 took place on top of North Twin Cone Peak (12,323′) in the Pike National Forest near Jefferson, Colorado.

5 Comments on “Handstand 365”

  1. I am remembering, as I read this, someone who looked a lot like you trying to stand on her feet. She tried and tried and eventually stopped falling back to the ground except when tired. At the time I am sure she had no larger ambition to do anything with the ability to stand on her feet than just to do it. Best of luck on this upside down project. My bet is you will stand at length and live to write about it.

    • Hahaha! I love it. When I get frustrated with my progress in handstanding, it actually helps to think about how much practice and work goes into learning to stand and walk on our feet as babies. How many times did I fall, and how many hours of practice did I put in before I mastered it? Why would standing on my hands be any different?
      Love you, Dad.

  2. What a fantastically whimsical challenge! I love it! Can’t wait to see all the creative variations you learn over the year! P.S. Your instagram pics are always the most entertaining/creative in my feed! So…keep posting!!!

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