Instagram Insanity


Runs With Blisters is now on Instagram! So if you’re one of  those cool, hip people that obsessively use all types of social media, follow me there too! At least until I get bored or busy and stop posting.


Laugh at Observe my daily adventures in living healthy, forcing myself into working out, and attempting good nutrition. Because, you know, you don’t get enough of that here on the blog.

Just don’t ask me to join Twitter…


Are you on Instagram? What do you think? Too busy/technologically challenged to navigate all these new-fangled social medias?

4 Comments on “Instagram Insanity”

  1. Please use sunscreen, the apron is beyond commentary. Do you actually splash that much food in the kitchen? Are you expecting to grow into it?

    • Normally I wear sunscreen whenever I spend much time outside, and my moisturizer has SPF in it. I guess I got too excited to get out skiing. I will never forget again!! This is the worst burn I have ever gotten! The little blisters on the edge of my mouth are the worst. Not to mention the awkward shape… Ugh.
      And yes, I actually splash that much food. Not only am I an inept cook, I’m also a very messy one!

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