Goodbye Gym!

What I usualy did at the gym anyway...

What I usualy did at the gym anyway…
photo via CrossfitPaleoDietFitnessClasses

Big news! Runs With Blisters, Kiya, her husband, her bunny and all her junk moved to Denver, Colorado 2 weeks ago! New apartment, new state, new car because the middle of an intra-state move is the best time for a car to crap out, new workout routine. When I left Kansas, I also left my traditional gym membership and my Zumba instructor license.

Since Colorado has an outdoorsy, active reputation, I decided to become a complete slacker try out some other fitness options. I’ve been a member and employee of a traditional gym for a little over 2 years, so in order to completely bum myself out psych myself up, I compiled a list of pros and cons of opting out.


  • Complete freedom to try any location or any format! Hiking, biking, camping, aerial silks, salsa dancing, skiing, Brazilian samba, belly dancing, pole dancing. The possibilities are endless!
  • Ability to match my workout level to my energy level. A Zumba instructor has one level: insanity high. UnSurprisingly, my body is not always up to performing at that level.
  • The power to change my workout based on my personal fitness and body image goals. My “goals” change every week. This week I’m really committed to holding down the couch cushions restorative yoga.
  • I can use the bathroom whenever I want to mid-workout! It sounds like such a small thing, but when you’re the instructor, you have to hold it.
  • I already have a decent home gym. Exercise ball, pull-up bar, yoga mat, hand weights, resistance bands (both the tubes AND the wide ones!), and even an ab roller contraption. Yeah, I’m that cool.
  • I might actually use some of the DVDs I own. Over time, I’ve bought 3 yoga DVDs, 2 Jillian Michaels DVDs and “Just Dance with Julianne” (with Julianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars!). I also own all the P90X DVDs. Don’t ask me how that happened. Just know they all say “EVALUATION COPY” across the screen. I don’t have $300 to drop on workout videos!


  • My empty wallet! Paying per class adds up. Especially when trying out cool/different fitness activities. Try $20+ per class. Ouch!
  • To save my bank account, I will have to use the small fitness facility at our apartment complex for most daily workouts. This means lots of tedious cardio machines and uninspiring and painful weight machines.
  • I might actually use the fitness DVDs I own. After the first 3 watches they are SO BORING! I actually tried doing P90X once, but only made it to day 30 because you essentially do the same 6 videos every week. Tony Horton is funny, but when you can recite each punch line with him, he  gets a little old. Plus, when you only have Jillian Michaels watching from the TV, it’s all too easy to press pause for 5 minutes or lay on the ground while she lunges around the room. You try to pull that in a live group fitness class, and you’ll get some weird looks!

What exercise method do you prefer? Traditional gym with cardio machines, group fitness classes, and weights? No memberships, but working fitness into your life through DVDs, home gyms, or the great outdoors? Totally out of the box options like aerial silks, pole dancing or something else so crazy I’ve never heard about it? Or do you laugh in the face of exercise and help me hold down the couch cushions this week?


4 Comments on “Goodbye Gym!

  1. Glad you have an exciting new physical location for your adventures, Kiya! Also glad you have new insights to share on RUNS WITH BLISTERS. I see a new direction of “fit” rather than “fit in” with my life adapting around week 7 of a knee replacement. Thanks for demonstrating how to give myself permission to do different fitness things that adapt to life changes.

    • Going solo can be a little challenging, I have found already. Takes more planning than being a gym member. Thinking about what you want to do, where you want to go, how much money you have to work with. Then making yourself follow through! As opposed to the gym, where you refer to the one group fitness schedule and show up to your class. But having freedom to choose my own format, time, and intensity makes it worth it for me!

      I think my body needed the switch-up too. I lost about 5 pounds in the 2 weeks immediately following our move (when I did not “work out” at all) and have kept it off for the last 2 weeks too.

  2. So, I’m super jealous! I would absolutely love to move to CO, though I can think of a better time to do so than this time of year! Hope you packed snow shoes!

    Having the freedom to constantly try new things is awesome. Being outside hiking/running/skiing/whatever is not only great for your body, but it’s so helpful to clear your mind.

    I hope things are great for you guys as you settle in to your new routine, and that you’re able to find the right balance for you in terms of structure/free form when it comes to your workouts. Can’t wait to hear about what life brings your way!


    • Moving this time of year was definitely not our choice! My husband’s job relocated us for now. Unfortunately the Kansas wind somehow followed us here! It has been blowing like crazy all week!

      It has been awesome to break out of my fitness routine. It was definitely not working anymore. Sounds like there will be quite a lot of skiing next month, and I can’t wait!!

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