Youtube Sensation

After reading my really boring fabulous post about Zumba, I’m sure you have been dying to actually see me in full butt-popping, gyrating action. Well, like it or not here it is. Follow this link to a super-secret playlist of my Zumba class from July of 2013!


You wish you had moves like this…


I mean, I don’t look silly at all…


No, I never look goofy.

Seriously though, do I not look completely crazy? Have you ever taken a Zumba class live or on video? What did you think? Does anyone else use youtube to workout? (I’m a youtube yoga junkie)

6 Comments on “Youtube Sensation

  1. WAY TO GO GIRL! You know, I’ll be using your vids to workout in my Living Room. Thanks for the face to face :)) LUVU

  2. OMG…the first lesson I learned was to pop a pain pill before class! The second was that the results were real & fast! I had to focus on my desired end results, not the process (or looking crazy-which i did). But you’re getting it done, momma! Hats off to you!!

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