January Monthly Mission: Protein & Carbs Are Friends

photo credit: Annarchy

photo credit: Annarchy

Since no one else is revamping their forgotten blogs this time of year, I figured it was the perfect time to do so. Wait, everyone is doing that? Damn. We’ll just pretend that after I changed jobs in August, I didn’t completely abandon this blog and not even feel guilty about it. Did I just type that out loud? Oops.

Being an ever lazy and copy-cat creative and original individual, I’m stealing borrowing the concept of Monthly Missions from the amazing Denny over at DK FitSolutions. Instead of making a New Year’s resolution that I abandon by February anyway, I will concoct a shiny, new torture mission each month! Supposedly, a half-assed Google search research shows that it takes 28 days to build a new habit, so that’s close enough to a month.

In theory, I select a goal that will improve my health, fitness, or nutrition. At the end of the month, I’ll complain about how much it sucked share my experience with you, my faithful reader, and choose a different task.

January Mission:

Each meal will consist of a lean protein and a complex carbohydrate.

I chose this mission for several reasons:

  1. The holidays destroyed my eating habits, and it’s time to return to basics. Chocolate, cookies, and breads are delicious, but my body cannot function on simple carbs alone. After two months of delicious horrible eating, my under-fueled body literally started falling apart in sickness and injuries.
  2. Simple carbs VS. complex carbs: For those who don’t know, a complex carbohydrate can be over-simplified to a fruit, vegetable, or whole wheat product. A simple carb is white bread, pasta, white rice, all things delicious and forbidden, etc. Simple carbs give you a quick spike in energy and blood sugar but fizzle out just as fast, leaving you lifeless and craving more food.
  3. Combination protein + carb = lasting energy. Look, I don’t know the science behind it, but it works. Carbs provide quick power, and protein keeps you running until the next meal.
  4. Planning, planning, planning. Grabbing whatever food was convenient and immediately ready obviously didn’t work for me. I ended up with cheesy noodles for lunch, beef jerky for dinner, a crash and burn in the middle of teaching Zumba, and fast food or Cheetos before collapsing into bed. No wonder my knees ached all the time, my wrist stopped working, and my back went out. I stopped fueling my body, and it shut down, the damn, wimpy thing. These days, I make a list of needed foods before shopping and pack my meals for the day to ensure I have enough fuel. And, because I am a culinary disaster master, I will attempt to prepare and freeze a week’s worth of dinners each weekend.

Lofty goals indeed. However, notice what is not included in my Monthly Mission. I’m not cutting out any specific foods. I still hoover down the Hubby’s Cheetos when I think he’s not around. I’m not changing when or how often I eat. I’m not even thinking about my exercise routine outside of teaching Zumba. Small, gradual changes over time creates lasting transformation. Shoot, after 12 Monthly Missions, I’ll be like a superhero and laugh in the face of New Year’s resolutions in 2014.

What is your stance on New Year’s resolutions? Make them? Hate them? Ready to join me in stealing adopting Monthly Missions instead? What are some of your hopes for 2013? Talk to me! I missed you!


10 Comments on “January Monthly Mission: Protein & Carbs Are Friends

  1. Attempting to be more conscientious of #4, as well (more for budgetary reasons)… it’s a lot of work, that planning! But hopefully beneficial in the end… good luck with the mission!

  2. glad to see you’re back full of info & humor (I think that’s what you’re going for — HA!)

  3. Inspiring! With easy goals, and not too much to think about! Perfect for a gal like me/us. I’m gonna try to do this with you!

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