Obsess Much?

Did you know I starred in the official Zumba video for National Dance Day?

Ok, you caught me. That’s not me. That’s gorgeous Zumba celebrity, dancer, mother, and woman I want to slap for being so accomplished and cute, Gina.

I tried not to post about National Dance Day. Really, I did! I figured that after blathering about my obsession with Zumba, my pole dancing failings, and the importance of busting a move internationally, maybe—if you don’t share my unhealthy fixation passion for dance—you might be sick of this dance talk. Perhaps, after National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month (say that five times fast), American Heart Month, and National Weigh-in Day, you’re a little fed up with healthy holidays in the US. Possibly you think I’m impressively clever for cramming all those links into the same paragraph. Maybe not.

What do you think? Sick of dance? Sick of healthy holidays? Did that video trick you at all, even for a second?


9 Comments on “Obsess Much?

  1. You know you are the only one who talks about health holidays, well that I follow anyway, usually it’s more of a celebration of something less healthy such as National Ice Cream Day!

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