International Bust a Move Day

Break it down, sister!
merlinprincesse via Flickr

Perhaps you live under a rock don’t follow my blog religiously (shame on you) and fail to realize how much I love to bust a move, cut a rug, shake my groove thang, get jiggy with it and otherwise thrash around in a pseudo-rhythmic fashion. Perhaps you missed my posts about my obsession with Zumba, treadmill dancing, or my pole dancing career. Perhaps you are a horrible human being should check out more of my blog.

Regardless of your working knowledge of my dance obsession, today marks the 30th annual International Dance Day. Some uppity people in France The International Dance Committee chose the birthday of Georges Noverre, the conveniently French creator of modern ballet to celebrate the delightful day. They rejoice in the art of dance through speeches, performances, and movie excerpts featuring prestigious dancers and choreographers from around the globe. I celebrate by cranking up the Latin tunes and jiggling anything not strapped down teaching Zumba and watching countless dance videos on youtube researching contemporary choreography.

Dance in all forms—ballet, club, tap, break dance, salsa or just bouncing around the house in your skivvies—provides several health benefits. Reduced stress, increased serotonin, improved cardiovascular health, greater coordination, enhanced sexual performance, strengthened mind-body connection, and increased self-esteem make a brief list.

Today I challenge you (especially you unfortunate non-dancers) to dance at least once before the sun sets. Break it down in the car on the way to work, hit the floor at the club, jam out to the radio while you clean, or try out ballroom dancing lessons. Let your inner ballerina or tribal dancer free!

In the words of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, “In 2012, I wish everyone lots of dance. Not to forget all their problems of 2011, but [. . . ] to engage with life as part of its never-ending choreography.”

Do you dance? How? Where? Afraid to unleash your inner dancer on the world? Why?


8 Comments on “International Bust a Move Day

  1. I didn’t know today was international dance day, but I was dancing to Zane’s music this afternoon & he didn’t seem to appreciate my mad skills. it felt like I was moving like Beyonce, but maybe not so much……..

  2. Dance certainly does have a number of mental health benefits which tag along on the physical side of movement and rhythm. I wish I had taken time out to learn and participate in couples dancing of the various types. I sure do enjoy Zumba in my mid years, even with arthritis challenges. Thanks, Kiya for bringing the day of dance to our attention. I did get to shake-em-up this afternoon, just as you requested. Happiness to all who move to the beat!!

  3. Well crap, I missed international dance day?? Will have to do my freaky elliptical dancing at the gym today with twice the craziness as usual, just to make up for not celebrating on the appropriate day. I’m sure the other folks at the gym trying to concentrate on their CNN fix will be THRILLED.

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