Smoothie Criminal

Mad Photoshop skillz. You're jealous.

Smoothies: the ultimate lazy health food. Throw it in a blender and push a button. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

My go-to smoothie recipe:

  • 1 cup vanilla yogurt
  • 1 banana
  • 2 fruits of your choice
  • Ice

You can stay boring safe by choosing another banana and strawberries or go crazy and exotic with mango and papaya. (Look, I live in Kansas. Mango and papaya are exotic here. Give me a break.) Try different types of berries: raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, boysenberry, gooseberry. Ok, so I’ve never tried those last two, but you get the idea. You’re limited only by the local grocery store your imagination.

Side note: as a smoothie veteran and ultimate lazy experimental cook, I discovered that cutting the tops off strawberries is a waste of time optional. As long as you don’t mind little green flecks in your smoothie. It adds fiber. That’s what I told my husband, anyway.

Smoothies also solve the overripe fruit dilemma. Ever overestimate how much fruit you can stomach you love fruit? At the end of the week, I always end up with soft bananas and squishy berries. Throw them away? Never! This tight-wad frugal cook throws them in a smoothie! Nothing squishy left after the blender’s whirling blades of death decimate your produce.

Have a smoothie addiction like me? Green flecks of strawberry tops in your smoothie freak you out? Jealous of my Photoshop skillz? Because I know you are.

Original photo credits: CiuPix and .Kai


10 Comments on “Smoothie Criminal

  1. OOO! Another tasteful literary adventure. Soothies are good. Love the strawberry tops in the mix idea but would draw the line on sunflower seed hulls if I got a wild last second inspiration when hypnotizd by the spinning blender blades.

    Sure, sure ANYBODY can photoshop smoothies onto Lil’ Michael but CAN YOU SMOOTHIE CROWSFEET OUT OF ELDERLY FAMILY MEMBER PHOTOS??? Help! Arrrrg!

  2. My mom always warned my young self against being hypnotized by a spinning washing machine. So of course, I experimented. I never got pulled in.

    Smoothies rock the hiz-owse. Aloe juice, flax, rib of celery, small bunch of spinach, plain greek yogurt, carrots, almonds, quarter red bell pepper, water & ice, along with your usual fruits -tasty. Painting this on your crowsfeet may or may not help your photoshop skills.

  3. I love smoothies! strawberry tops in them sound scary, but I will try to be brave & give it a try sometime. I need to be more outgoing with what I put in them — so far I’ve only been a fruity person.

    • Oh yeah. It all blends out to be surprisingly mild and sweet – especially if you load it with your faves like strawberries & banana, etc. I can taste the celery a bit, but its supposed to be good for circulation and blood pressure The red pepper imparts a gorgeous sweet/fresh flavor. Fresh pineapple is delicious, too, if you like sweet. Every shake turns out a little different, and occasionally I have to choke em down (i.e. too many beets, too much collard green, too much seaweed- blech), but this list of ingredients is pretty tried and true. When Radisson was very little I used to mix his portion of the intense smoothie with a little scoop of ice cream or sherbet – great way to get him to eat spinach and squash. Sneaky mom – hehe

  4. oh man, you guys haven’t lived till you try my smoothies! almonds, protien powder, flax, yougurt, cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, powdered Vit C, acidophilus capsules, “green powder” … whatever you like!

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