Pull-ups: The Masochism Continues

Remember that post about torturing myself with C25K? Apparently I’ve recovered enough from the trauma to assign myself a new impossible and painful inspiring and motivating goal: unassisted pull-ups. Never mind my scrawny dancer arms or the fact that I only recently completed my first push-up on my toes. I’m getting concerned that some insane little part of my brain enjoys pain.

So where does a tiny wimp muscularly challenged individual who can’t complete a single pull-up start?

Lat pull down machine

Photo credit: Feather Magazine

This machine works the same muscles used for pull-ups, mainly the latissimus dorsi or middle back. Add weight to the machine over time, building up your muscles.


Assisted pull-ups

If you exercise at a gym with fancy torture devices equipment, you could use one of these:

Photo credit: type a mommy

This crazy machine uses adjustable counter weight to lessen the amount of fatness body weight lifted during a pull up.

If you don’t have access to elaborate contraptions, assist your pull-ups in other ways. Put your legs on a chair to reduce body weight lifted, loop exercise bands around the bar and your ankles, or ask a sadist to hold your feet and laugh as you struggle to hoist your chin above the bar have a friend grab your ankles.

Negatives on a pull-up bar

Jump up and start with your chin above the bar. Slowing and excruciatingly lower yourself down to the bottom. Repeat until you fall to the floor in exhaustion.

Partial pull-ups

Practice only the top or bottom half of the pull-up instead of the entire thing. For example, starting at the top, only lower part of the way down and back up. Work on lowering a little further each time. I can do the top half of a pull-up. Sometimes. If I kick. Impressive, right?

Check back in a month or three soon for my celebratory first pull-up post! With all these exercises, I should be a pull-up pro in no time, right?

Can you complete unassisted pull-ups? How did you build up to them? Not interested in pull-ups and consider me slightly unstable for attempting them? Me too.


3 Comments on “Pull-ups: The Masochism Continues

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