Zealous Zumba


Zumba Zombies! Chomp brains without missing a beat!

Those unfortunate enough to know me in real life realize I have an obsession. I have fallen in love with Zumba® (Like that little ®? I’m required to use it the first time I use the word Zumba on a web page. Wouldn’t want to lose my pitiful beautiful paper Zumba license over a silly ®.) I currently teach 4 classes each week, possibly 6+ in the near future. I like Zumba. It’s possibly moved to addiction status.

Mostly, I enjoy Zumba because desperate flailing movement isn’t limited to only forward and backward actions like when running, biking, or ellipticalling. Limbs can flail wild and unrestrained in any direction, and if I like one thing, it’s wildly flailing limbs. Not to mention the booty and boobie shaking. A proper Zumba class includes inordinate amounts of jiggling. Sounds like my kind of party Zumba class.

For those unfamiliar with Zumba who have persevered this far and weren’t scared away by the jiggling and flailing, Zumba fitness is a cardio workout that incorporates part Latin dance, part club gyration,  and part cult followingcombined into a sneaky workout. At the beginning of class, the teacher cranks up the stereo, and the out-of-control thrashing and wiggling commences. An hour later, a group of people resembling half-drowned cats emerges from the room,grinning uncontrollably. On a good night, when the class dances mostly the same move at almost the same time, we look like Zumba zombies sexy background dancers in a Beyoncé video.

Caution: Attending Zumba class may teach you how to move your hips, grove to the music, and feel exceedingly sexy. Talk to your doctor to see if Zumba is right for you.

Ever attended a Zumba class? Thought about it? Heard of it? Thoughts about gyrating booties and/or boobie shaking?

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10 Comments on “Zealous Zumba

  1. Kiya, your Zumba class is wonderful. Truly one of the unique fun experiences embracing the joy of life. You are describing the fun surface of Zumba and it is totally true. It also has health benefits in fighting depression, heart disease, weight creep, arthritis, insomnia and is a great self image booster. Those are personal things which I’ve enjoyed along the way and incorporated into my Zumba experiences. There is also a fantastic opening of the mind regarding music and musical exposure. The dance rhythms which are basic to most of the rest of the Americas are something Midwesterners do not get to hear. Zumba has been a fantastic opening of the ears for me as well. So glad you are finding a welcoming audience for your dance experience.

  2. You’re completely right, Dad. All the things you mentioned are also major reasons I enjoy Zumba, they’re just less hilarious, haha! Today, one of my Zumba ladies told me that since she has started with me about a month ago her flexibility, balance and depression are all improving! She said that she looks forward to class because it doesn’t feel like a workout at all. Some of the best words an instructor can hear :D!

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