Lazy Pizza

I don’t cook. In the evenings as my husband drives home from work, he whispers a little prayer that his worthless wonderful wife has thrown something resembling food in the oven. Poor man. He didn’t pick me for my cooking.  Or my cleaning. Not really sure what his angle was…

Anyway! I dislike recipes with more than 10 ingredients. Actually, the closer the number of ingredients to zero, the better. Same with prep and cook time. So imagine my incredible joy when I discovered flatbread pizzas, little personal-sized pizzas that take 5 minutes to make, 15 minutes to bake, and only as many toppings as you feel like using.

Most difficult and time consuming: finding flatbread at the grocery store. This step took approximately three weeks, due to my lazy and procrastinating tendencies single-minded focus on my goals. I finally found it on accident, as I stood drooling over the various delicious-smelling breads in the bakery. As I reached down to wipe away some lustful slobber test the integrity of a loaf, I noticed a package of flatbread nearby.

Back in my kitchen, I set the oven to 450. A lower temperature might work, but that requires longer cooking time. Unacceptable! As a haphazard forward-thinking cook, I grab some ingredients that don’t sound hideous together carefully select toppings that complement and enhance one another. I end up with tomato sauce, shredded cheese, green onions and mushrooms.

This masterpiece takes only 15 minutes in the oven, so precook any meat. Notice I used no meat, eliminating a time-consuming step. Genius.

Delicious! Gorgeous! The most amazing 20-minute meal I’ve ever created!

Ever made personal-sized pizzas before? Sounds amazingly delightful? Disgusting? Suggestions for toppings? Suggest something crazy enough, (and I remember to buy the ingredients) I just might try it out and post about it. *hint?*


5 Comments on “Lazy Pizza

  1. This makes me hungry. I like the vegetables and the bit of carb flat bread, the onions, the mushrooms, tomato…hmmm…everything. Love cheese but there is a little creature in the back of my mind that ALWAYS says in exactly these words, (picture a tired old man leaning on a shovel speaking with barely enough energy to be called a shout) “NO ONE WHO EATS CHEESE EVER LOOSES WEIGHT”. I hate this fact but for me it is a toothy truthy. My version would be very light on that tasty evil. Food idea gets 5 stars: Easy and quick especially flexible so cooker person can tailor it to taste=great. Omission? Please show us the photo of your husband’s pizza, the one with Cheezits and bacon bits over the Colby.

  2. Oh, Alicia, you’re so smart! That’s why you’re probably an amazing cook, and Charlie never has to wonder if he has dinner or not haha!

    Dad, your creature sounds scary! Although, I have cut back on cheese since starting to lose weight. But I miss it so much! I have to give in every once in a while or I will explode. The husband has yet to experience this delicious little number, but I’m sure his version would involve pepperonis and more cheese than you or I are allowed to eat in a week. Combined.

  3. what a great idea! too bad your mom didn’t have this recipe when you were growing up!! is it pathetic that your mom is a less creative cook that this?!? ; P

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