Dreadmills, Spandex Shorts, and Group Treadmill Dancing

Remember that post where I pretended to be am a badass runner? Well, after that amazingly endorphin-filled 5k, I failed to sign up for another, and my running routine diminished. I, of course, feel completely relaxed disappointed in myself. About the time I planned to hit the pavement again, the temperature plummeted and snow blanketed the sidewalks. Oh darn. I feel so elated disappointed.

The thought of returning to the treadmill crossed my mind. Very briefly. 5k on a dreadmill guarantees the most excruciating 30 minutes of your life. Running is not my favorite. Running and going nowhere flat-out sucks. I try to distract myself with amazing playlists, outrageous TV, and checking out my hot bod in the mirror people watching. But even the guy running next to me and shooting pics of himself on his camera-phone can’t lessen the pain of the dreadmill.

Perhaps I should try one of these treadmill workouts:

Treadmill Dancing:

Group Exercise, Treadmill Dancing:

Some hot dude and a treadmill:

What was that video about again? I remember only glistening biceps and spandex shorts… Why did men in spandex shorts ever fall out of style?

Perhaps I should just pull out my coldgear running clothes, and hide in my closet suck it up, and venture into the frigid winter air.

How do you feel about dreadmills, running in the cold, and/or men in spandex shorts?


11 Comments on “Dreadmills, Spandex Shorts, and Group Treadmill Dancing

  1. What awesome timing for this post! I have just started experimenting with going sideways and backwards on the treadmill, dancing a bit, and trying not to kill myself. It’s a great way to break it up, though at the slow speeds I go I have to alternate with sprinting the regular way to keep my heartrate up. Was even going to do a post on it soon so I may be stealing… er, sharing a video or two from here!

    Also, you may want to check todays Cranky Fitness giveaway winner post. And sorry it’s not the suspension trainer. Feel free to decline the coaching if you were just being polite, but if not, it would be great to work with you!

  2. Not killing yourself is the key… I go to a bootcamp where the trainer sometimes has us walk backwards on our toes or perform sideways squats on a treadmill. I definitely have a mental block constantly screaming, “You’re about to fall off this contraption, which is moving at lightning speed!”

    And I won something?! I must investigate…

  3. I think the group treadmill choreography looks fun — don’t know if I could do it without injury. As far as spandex shorts go: there need be weight/age restrictions if worn in public! Most people who wear spandex think they look better than they really do (& it should be against the law for anyone over 50 — I’m 55 and I know what I’m sayin’ — you know it’s true, too!!)

  4. Haha ok, so maybe there should be an application process to wear spandex, fatmammy.

    And yes, bearrunner, I think he looks a little silly. Can’t say you would ever catch me actually performing those exercises at my gym. Partly because I work there as well, and my coworkers would never let me hear the end of it, haha. Maybe I can try those moves on the treadmill at my apartment complex… in the middle of the night… when no one will walk in on me 🙂

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