National Cry Yourself to Sleep Day

Scale Says Help!


Special K® deemed January 2nd “National Weigh-in Day.” A day when people across the United States step on their scales and weep over the number displayed. Really, Special K®? This seems like a horrible idea.

Supposedly, the “holiday” will make “stepping on the scale fun” (January, sec. 1). What?! We aren’t fooled, Special. We see through your marketing scam. At any rate, the aforementioned company states women obsess over the number on the scale, when they should focus on other facets of weight loss, like emotional gains. Ok, maybe that makes sense… So let’s create a holiday centered on weighing ourselves and then not obsess over the numbers… Wait…

Although slightly misguided, Special has a point. Simply counting pounds lost does not tell the entire story. Consider taking other measurements as well for a well-rounded account:

  • Belt notches: Time to cinch it in?
  • Soft tape measure: Measure circumference of waist (smallest part of torso), hip (largest part of butt), bicep, neck or whatever body part you want to watch shrink.
  • Fitness gains: Can you run farther, lift heavier things, or reach the top of the stairs without dying? You’re gaining cardiovascular and/or muscular strength.
  • Clothes: Fitting a little looser? Trousers falling off? (If so, refer to earlier note concerning belts)
  • Medical gains: Does your annual check-up reveal lower blood pressure, cholesterol, risk of diabetes or risk of heart disease? Make your doctor proud.
  • Mirror: Do you look different? Isn’t that the point of all this?

“Weight loss” should encompass much more than just a number on the scale. Recognizing other aspects will keep you from quitting motivated when the damn scale won’t move. Plus, with more measurements, you have more opportunities to celebrate.

What other ways do you measure “weight loss?” Thoughts on the creation of National Weigh-in Day?


Source: “January 2nd marked as National Weigh-in Day.” News Medical. 2 Jan. 2012. 2 Jan. 2012. <;


8 Comments on “National Cry Yourself to Sleep Day

  1. I refuse to let a crappy, nutritionally bankrupt breakfast cereal (full of hfcs, refined grains etc) position itself as a “health” resource and make up bizarre holidays like “National Weigh-In Day.”

    I say your skepticism is justified and Special K can go suck on a big huge… nutritious organic carrot.

    Love your attitude and welcome to the blogworld!

  2. Thanks for standing up. I’d rather like a NAtional day with events all over the country about nutrition and fitness being fun in schools for example…

  3. Yes, there are so many possibilities for holidays promoting healthy lives and maintaining a healthy weight, but I don’t believe the Special K® line of products is interested in health as much as they are interested in making a profit. Just something for us consumers to keep in mind.

  4. Kiya, good thoughts on using a scale to measure our progress. Something for us aging health aware people is to lean to adjust expectations appropriate to our shortcomings. That seems like a negative approach but measuring health by accepting injuries and aging is important in the early years. It makes the later years more balanced and perhaps enjoyable? Still a blow to accept getting older but even with the loss of ability to do things that use to come easily accepting and shifting reasonable expectations is very important. The enjoyment of yourself and good health is a flexible rating on a scale which is internal.

  5. Another great point, Matt. Aging is an inevitable part of life, and accepting that our bodies will change and respond differently will make that process (at least) less painful. I love the idea of an internal rating scale regarding good health. We must remember to view health not as a linear progression, but a continuum with highs and lows along our lifetime. (And I didn’t say that to make you feel old… heehee)

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