Promises You Don’t Intend to Keep

‘Tis the season for those irksome New Year’s Resolutions. You know, those soaring dreams contrived over too many glasses of Holiday Cheer on New Year’s Eve, given a half-hearted attempt for a week or so, and quickly abandoned. Sick of the yearly cycle? Me too, you’re pathetic. Ok, maybe not pathetic. Maybe just needing some help. So, like every other blogger this week, I’m sharing the illusive secrets to selecting the perfect, doable New Year’s Resolution.
Times Square New Years Eve Ball

3... 2... 1... Haaaapy New Year! (Image by LeSimonPix via Flickr)

1. Get Real

On January 1st, you will not suddenly eat all vegetarian, hit the gym every day, cut out all sugar and run 50 miles each week. Those goals are too many and too extreme (and let’s face it, you’re just too lazy.) Pick one, maaaybe two resolutions and make them realistic. Resolve to eat a fruit or veggie with each meal (or at least with dinner) or add in a couple more workouts to your weekly routine. Making resolutions too complicated only leads to failure.

2. Break It Down Like a Bad Rapper

Refuse to downsize your resolution? Have to reach for the stars? Overachievers Go-getters should break down their ridiculous large goals into smaller parts. Want to lose major poundage? Aim for five pounds a month or one pound each week. Smaller goals give you quicker feedback and more opportunities for success.

3. Gold Stars

When you meet those mini goals, celebrate! Exercised five days this week? Go watch a new release in theaters. Ate your minimum servings of fruits/veggies all month? Buy a pair of jeans. But watch it! The reward should not counteract your goals. Never reward with extra dessert or skipping workouts, this will only make you a fatty slow down progress.

4. You’re Not Perfect

Sorry to break the bad news. Must come as a shock. You will make mistakes on your resolutions. Slap yourself on the wrist, say, “Bad, bad,” and get right back on the plan. A mistake is not a failure, but a learning experience.


Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? What are they this year, or what have they been in the past? How badly did you fail did you succeed with past resolutions?


5 Comments on “Promises You Don’t Intend to Keep

  1. One pound a week? Seems reasonable to me. More vegetables, less other? OK. Holiday time over and can do. Why is it so hard in the middle of all those treats to let some pass by? A thing I am adding into my new year is some dedicated goal achievement in the creative department. My eye is on the West and painting the rocks, distant mountains and cliffs and the sky with gentle clouds. Next few days will bring a dedicated goal statement Thanks Kiya for your thoughts. Best of luck this year!

  2. Those stinkin’ holiday treats got me too. I don’t know why it’s so impossible to just say “no” to a couple. I’m actually struggling with my own tip #1, haha. Too may areas I am slacking in–I mean, want to improve on…

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  4. OMG, two years later and not as much painting accomplished as hope at writing of my 2011 resolution but have made some advancement. A the current rate of progress I am needing more years than humanly available. I see you have made some giant leaps. You live in another state now and are skiing without sunscreen on mountains I’ve not yet painted. Live on and enjoy!!

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